Dr. Elmo
11/23/2013 Dr. Elmo Schropshire calls in from his home in California and talks with Steve about writing the holiday hit "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer" and his musical career.

Dr. Elmo
12/13/2014 Dr. Elmo talks to Steve about his musical career, how he came to play the banjo, his hit song "Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer"
the mixed reactions to it when introduced in 1979, and the fun he has had with it and other zany songs over the years.

Scruggs Banjo Icon,
Castelnero and Russell
06/04/2017 Authors of the book, Earl Scruggs: Banjo Icon, Gordon Castelnero and David L. Russell call in to talk with Steve about how they interviewed countless family members and friends of Earl's to chronicle the life and legacy of the man who single-handedly reinvigorated the five-string banjo and left an indelible mark on bluegrass and folk music.

Shelton, James Alan 05/10/2014 James Alan Shelton, business manager and lead guitar player for the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys talks about playing with Dr. Ralph and explains his elegant cross-picking style of guitar playing. He also reveals the sudden health issue that is forcing him into a hiatis from performing. A very exceptional interview you'll want to listen to.

Sisk, Junior 03/16/2013 Junior talks with Junior Sisk about the Ramblers Choice band, discusses their new album, 'The Story of the Day I Died', their song selection process, and the members of the band.

Sisk, Junior 03/21/2015 Junior Sisk joins Steve to chat about his recent neck surgery and recovery, the impact of social media, his latest album with the band, Ramblers Choice, titled 'Trouble Follows Me', the influences and inspirations for his songs including the contributions of the late Dixie Hall and a love for music that is so passionately his.

Sizemore, Charlie 09/08/2012 Charlie Sizemore joins Steve to talk about some of his songs recorded in the past such as, 'Alison Krauss' Band and 'No Lawyers in Heaven', his album of all Tom T. Hall songs, some of his current tour dates, and his family geneology.

Smith, Valerie 11/27/2016 Steve had a chance to chat with Valerie Smith at the 2016 IBMA Conference in Raleigh. Valerie talks about her support band, Liberty Pike, their newest album titled 'Small town Heroes', and her idea of concept albums.

Snyder Family Band 03/21/2015 Zeb, Samantha, and Bud Snyder of the Snyder Family Band call to talk to Steve about their newest album, 'Wherever I Wander', on a three-way conference call sharing how they each got started playing music, the diverse music that has influenced their sound, and the strong effect home schooling, plenty of books, and faith has had on their songs.

Snyder Family Band 04/16/2017 In part 1 of a 2 part interview, Zeb, Samantha, and Bud Snyder of the Snyder Family Band conference call to talk with Steve about their newest album, The Life We Know, and the very diverse influences affecting their maturing sound and songwriting.

Snyder Family Band 04/23/2017 In part 2 of a 2 part interview, Zeb, Samantha, and Bud Snyder of the Snyder Family Band conference call to talk with Steve about their newest album, The Life We Know, and the very diverse influences affecting their maturing sound and songwriting. Bud explains the challenges of providing a solid bass support to the bands diverse music.

Solivan, Frank 05/24/2014 Frank Solivan, mandolin player and manager of the Dirty Kitchen Band, talks about the band, their latest album, "On the Edge", and their high-energy bluegrass approach to folk and Americana music, plus hints about their next album coming in August, the art of making mandolins, and preparing for the 2014 Grey Fox Festival.

Sparks, Larry 1/26/2013 Larry talks about his latest album 'Almost Home' (his 160th album), his career and his now 50 year anniversary album in the works and how he approaches his live stage performance.

Sparks, Larry 03/15/2014 Larry gives Steve an update on his 50th Anniversary Album soon to be released and the artists he has assembled for this epoch project. Larry also talks about his approach to music, the importance of developing a style, how a stylist has to be a leader, and the importance of preserving old classic songs and music that come from the heart and soul.

Stafford, Tim 11/22/2014 Part One: Tim Stafford, co-founder of Blue Highway, chats with Steve about his solo album, 'Just to Hear the Whistle Blow' featuring Tim and various guest artists on a number of his original songs and a few old standby favorites, how he comes up with ideas for song lyrics, some of the cuts on the album, and the members of Blue Highway band

Stafford, Tim 11/22/2014 Part Two: Tim continues chatting with Steve about the songs on his latest album, what guitar(s) he prefers, the importance of the right hand in playing and producing sound on the guitar, the impact of Tony Rice, Blue Highways current tour playing the national anthem at events, and the first time they met at a Miami University concert

Stafford, Tim 09/25/2016 Tim Stafford, gifted songwriter,guitarist, vocalist, session musician, collegiate instructor, author and co-founder of one of the most successful bluegrass bands of all time, Blue Highway, talks to Steve about the band's latest album, 'Original Traditional'. Listen to the inspiration behind the music.

Stanley, Nathan
Stanley, Ralph Dr.
08/17/2013 Steve interviews Ralph's grandson, Nathan, about his efforts to carry on the family tradition by keeping the Clinch Mountain Boys together. Then Dr. Ralph, himself, talks about life on the road, how he learned to play and develop his style of Mountain Music known worldwide.

Steel Wheels Band 03/26/2016 Steve calls remotely into the sound stage at the Avalon Theater, Easton, Maryland, where the band has just finished rehearsal for a concert. During this conference style call Steve talks to various members of the band about the style of music, about their latest album, and their Red Wing Music Festival held in July each year.

Stelling, Geoff 07/13/2013 Geoff Stelling talks about how he designed the famous Stelling Banjo, his engineering background and his passion for making a great, simple banjo that sounds good.

Stephenson, Larry
Osborne, Sonny
03/23/2013 Larry talks about lunch with Sonny Osborn, the Larry Stephenson Band, banjo player Kenny Ingram, the influence of the Osborns on music, hooking up with Sam Bush on 'Philadelphia Lawyer', and is joined by Sonny Osborn to talk about blowing up engines on tour buses and other zany stories that are Unreal!

Stephenson, Larry
12/18/2016 Steve catches up with good friend Larry Stephenson at a recent IBMA Conference in Raleigh to chat about his latest album, Weep Little Willow, the members of the band and the inclusion of Aubrey Haynie on 5 of the tracks, and the songs on the new album. Always a fun interview when Steve and Larry get together.

Stevens, Ray 10/17/2015 Join Steve as he and Ray talk about his colourful career, what inspires him to write and perform some of those great songs and his love for Bluegrasss Music. Ray also reveals details about a new television show coming in November including a blockbuster lineup of guests.

Stoneman, Roni 12/08/2012 Roni Stoneman, renowned bluegrass banjo player and original member of the HeeHaw gang, talks about her career, getting the gig on HeeHaw, meeting Grandpa Jones and playing with the Stoneman Family Band.

Struthers, Nora Jane 07/12/2014 Nora Jane Struthers shares her delightful personality while discussing her songwriting born of hard work and deep creative reflection, details about her new album, 'Carnival', comments about the 'Kick-Starter' program that allowed her to make the album, her next project and the excitement of returning to Grey Fox in 2014, its unique community of people and music, and her new website for listening or downloading her latest unrealeased songs as they are written and recorded.

Sullivan, Bennett 02/08/2014 Banjo player Bennett Sullivan talks about his new album, 'Lady Nora', the members of his quartet, what has influenced his music, the importance of practice and being chosen to work with the other Steve Martin on his 'Bright Star' musical production.

Sullivan, Bennett 08/23/2014 During his second interview with Steve, Bennett talks about playing banjo in California as he works on the musical, 'Bright Star',created by actor Steve Martin, and his own new banjo teaching app for the iPhone and iPad called 'Listen and Learn'

Sullivan, Bennett 01/30/2016 During his third interview Steve and Bennett talk about his experiences playing banjo and performing in the Steve Martin/Edie Brickell Bluegrass musical, 'Bright Star', as it now heads to opening on Broadway in March and about the success of his special 'Listen and Learn' interactive apps for learning to play the banjo.

Surrat, Ben 08/02/2014 Ben is one of the leading audio engineers and recording technicians in the business today. He talks to Steve about how to setup a recording studio, the importance of making the artist(s) feel at home, using the correct mics to capture the essence of the instruments and the vocals, the importance of making a good 'rough mix' and then putting the finishing touches on the recording while remaining invisible in the end product. A must listen for beginning and advanced sound recording people.

Surrett, Tim 11/20/2016 Tim Surrett, bass and dobro player with the award winning band Balsm Range talks with Steve about his past tenure as chairman of the IBMA Board of Directors, his recent healtgh issues, road to recovery and performing again, and the 13 track album, 'Mountain Voodoo', filled with songs of home, a sense of place and longing with fiery instrumentals alternating with ballads featuring the great vocal harmonies the group has become famous for.
Sutton, Bryan 06/26/2016 Bryan Sutton talks to Steve about his newest album, 'The More I Learn', the songs on the album, how he balances his many varied time demands, and advice on not putting dreams on hold but, rather, following and enjoying the journey of learning through living them.

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