Cahill, Greg 02/22/2014 Greg Cahill, banjo player and leader of the band 'Special Consensus' calls in from the road to talk with Steve about his current band, it's members, their soon-to-be-released John Denver tribute album, the influences of Folk, Americana, and jazz on his music, and the many artists like Pete Seeger, Jethro Burns, and David Grisman that have touched Greg, his banjo style, and his musical arrangements.

Card, Hank 06/22/2013 Hank talks about his band, The Austin Lounge Lizards, their new album, 'Home and Deranged', their Hawaiian Shirts and their serious satirical approach to their song writing.

Cardwell, Nancy 08/31/2013 Nancy, the new Executive Director of International Bluegrass Member Association (IBMA) talks about the move to Raleigh for the next 3 years and Fanfest, the unique nature of the event, the work of IBMA, and some of the impressive artists involved.

Cavanaugh, Ryan 02/09/2013 Ryan talks about playing banjo at age of 10, playing live in a studio at 11, the influences of Coltrane, jazz, classical, the legendary bluegrass banjo players on his broad style of playing, and his accoustic and his electric banjos.

Cavanaugh, Ryan 02/01/2014 Ryan returns to Unreal Bluegrass and talks with Steve about touring with Bill Evans 'Soulgrass' Band and his current Back Country Tracks project, releasing a track a month rather than compiling a complete album. Concentrating on the banjo he combines his feelings of the moment and banjo playing with his bluegrass and jazz experiences to produce cross genre music including blues, bluegrass, jazz and his 'now music.

Cavanaugh, Ryan 04/19/2014 Ryan Cavanaugh calls Steve to talk about the new instructional book he's working on, playing impromptu Beebop, Bluegrass, and other style duets in front of live audiences, playing at the 5-String Fest dedicated to Earl Scruggs and the 5 string style, and returning to the mountains of North Carolina for a break so he can practice more and work on some personal musical goals.

Clark, Roy (Part 1) 03/28/2015 Roy Clark, musician, television personality, and all round entertainer, calls Steve to talk about his wonderful career, how he got started playing the guitar and then other instruments, his guest appearances on the Beverly HillBilly's, and partnering with Buck Owens as a regular television personality.

Clark, Roy (Part 2) 03/28/2015 Roy continues discussing his long career by talking about HeeHaw, how it got started, how it was kicked around by the network and how it ran in syndication for 28yrs. He discusses making an album with the great guitarist, Joe Pass, and wraps up with kind words about the industry and the life he has experienced.

Cody, Ron 07/31/2016 RON CODY, banjo player in the Keith style, has just released an album of fiddle tunes titled, The Cooper Sessions, in honor of premier violin/fiddle maker Jonathan Cooper. Listen as Steve talks with Ron at this years Grey Fox festival about the album, the exceptional artists that collaborated on the project, the various tracks on the album, the influences of Bill Keith, Ron's longtime mentor and friend and his latest project, the band 'Gather Rounders'.

Compton, Mike 03/29/2014 Mike Compton, the 'Master of the Mandolin," talks with Steve about the National Bluegrass Band, the mandolin kickoff on "Man of Constant Sorrow" and the Soggy Bottom Boys and his collaborations with Dan Tyminski and Ron Block, working with Joe Newberry, Missy Raines and others. Mike explains the origin of his style, the influence of Bill Monroe and others, his intention to properly project the bowing of the fiddle when playing fiddle tunes, and the tradition of mandolin playing he wants to add his style to and carry forward through his playing and his mandolin camp sessions.

Cordle, Larry 2/07/2015

Singer/Songwriter Larry Cordle talks to Steve from SPGMA 2015 and discusses his latest effort, a new album titled, 'All Star Duets' on his label, MightyCord Records, where he pairs with many of his favorite musical friends and his band, 'Lonesome Standard Time'. He also shares what inspires him to write his countless hit songs.


Cowan, John 02/02/2013 John talks about his broad, multi-genre background, playing with the Doobie Bros.and Newgrass Revival, his website and radio show, current sources for listening to music, some of today's great guitar players, and singing without mics.

Cowan, John 09/06/2014 John talks about his latest album titled "SIXTY" which includes guest artists Leon Russell, Alison Krauss, Rodney Crowell, Bernie Leadon, Sam Bush, Chris Hillman, Huey Lewis, Bonnie Bramlett, and Ray Benson. As John talks about each of the songs on the album and the various artists that join him one soon realizes this is his most ambitious project to date.

Crowe, Josh 08/25/2012 Josh Crowe of the Crowe Brothers Band talks to Steve about their album, 'Bridgin' the Gap'and its continuing success on the charts, breaking a strap during a live performance, the origin of the song, 'The Winds are Blowing in Maggie Valley,' and how they developed their great family style harmonies.

Cushman, Charlie 09/01/2012 Charlie Cushman, banjo player, banjo geek and wizard, chats with Steve about his solo albums, his banjo/fiddle duet albums with Johnny and Paul Warren, and playing in the Don Reno style. He also talks about the mechanics of the banjo and the importance of regular maintenance to get the most out of the instrument.

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