R-Son 08/16/2014 R-Son. the Voice of Reason, talks to Steve, after his great performance with Gangsta Grass band at Grey Fox, about the energy from the crowd and its effect on the band, and why the blend of bluegrass and hip-hop works since they both are music from the soul. A very informative interview.

Raines, Missy 04/6/2013 Steve talks with Missy on her birthday about how she started playing bass at 10, her accomplishments to date, the influences of her mentor Tom Gray, and other fun things.

Reams, James 01/09/2016 James drops by the booth at the 2015 IBMA Convention to talk with Steve about his band, The Barnstormers, and their 24yr history and their many CDs. Plus he tlaks about his very successful Pikesville Old Time Bluegrass Jamboree event which was nominated for IBMA 2014 Event of the Year.

Reams, James 11/13/2016 Listen as James stops by the booth at the 2015 IBMA Convention to talk with Steve about the new concept album titled, 'Rhyme & Season', which was recorded featuring both of Jame's bands, east coast and west coast version, and the songs recorded for turbulent times.

Reno, Ronnie
w/ Sonny Osborne
04/20/2013 Son of legendary Don Reno, Ronnie talks about being on the road playing mandolin with his Dad's band as a kid, being a member of and traveling with the Osborne Brothers, The Reno Tradition Band and the Reno HomeTown Music TV show, meeting and singing with Merle Haggard. Joined by Sonny Osborne, they share stories of the past, being on the road together, joking about their friendship over the years, and today's politics.

Reno, Ronnie 05/02/2015 Steve talks with the great Ronnie Reno about his newest album, 'Lessons Learned', the members of his band, The Reno Tradition, his experiences over the years playing with some of the greats in the genre and his contributions to the industry.

Richey, Slim 12/14/2013 Slim Richey, the 'Most Dangerous Guitar Player in Texas' chats with Steve about the days of his Ridge Runner record company, the album 'Jazz Grass' featuring some of the best jazz and bluegrass players of the day, the influences of Jazz, Texas Swing, and bluegrass on his style of guitar playing and his current band, the Jitterbug Vipers. He touches on his recent hit & run auto accident that hospitalized him and his road of recovery back to performing once again.
Rider, Dusty 10/25/2014 Dusty Rider, singer, song writer and banjo player with the Railsplitters band talks to Steve about how the band was formed and its members, their new album titled 'Railsplitters', some of the selections from the album, the unique instrumentation they use, the banjo he is currently playing and the players that have influenced his style of playing.

Rolland, Matt 05/28/2017 Steve chats with Matt Rolland, fiddle/quitar player in the band Run Boy Run from Tucson tagged as 'One of the top 10 Arizona Bands to hear', about the band members, how they formed this unique combination of stringed instruments and the influences that result in this newly recognized group of very talented musicians.

Routh, Carolyn Johnson 08/23/2014 Carolyn calls from Nashville to discuss her band, Nu Blu, and their new album,'All the Way', the single from the album called 'Jesus and Jones' which she recorded with Sam Moore (the Soul Man) and the incredible experience of being in the studio with him. She also talks about Rhonda Vincent, who joins her on one song on the album, and the other members of the band. (Listen to Sam's interview in the 'M' Archive as well)

Elaine & Lee
08/11/2012 Lee and Elaine Roy call in between sets from a festival in Henderson, KY, to talk about some of the songs on their new album, 'New Day Dawning', about their current career and rising popularity, how they developed their harmonies and that 'family feel' they produce. Included are comments from Steve after seeing them live the next night.

Elaine & Lee
05/25/2013 Elaine talks about 'the Roys' new album, Gypsy Runaway Train, their song selection process, their fan connections, Facebook and Twitter, and their busy tour schedule. Joined by Lee who talks about touring Europe, past artists and their influence on the Roys' music, and fishing.

Royko, David 11/16/2013 David Royko, feature writer and musical critic talks about how he became obsessed with the "grass" bug, the attraction of new grass and traditional bluegrass vs. other genres, how he became a writer/critic for the Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times and New York Times, his position on all forms of music including extensive comments about the 'Wayfaring Stranger' band, and his very personal journey detailed in the "Chronicles of Ben".


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