Adams, Tom 02/02/2013 Tom talks about his song writing, his column on Banjo Newsletter, playing with Jimmy Martin, the Johnson Mt Boys, and others. He also discusses his Adams County Banjo album and his neurological disorder that inhibits his banjo playing and his slow recovery.

Adcock, Eddie
& Martha
02/08/2014 Eddie and Martha Adcock, who have charmed crowds and won awards over their 40 year partnership, talk to Steve about Eddie's banjo style and technique, how he met Martha, the inspiration they bring to each other, his years playing with the Country Gentlemen, and his very unusual brain surgery.

Adkins, Dave 05/07/2016 Steve talks to Dave Adkins, the powerhouse performer that continues to dominate the Bluegrass charts, about his latest album recorded on Mountain Fever Records titled simply, DAVE ADKINS. As always Dave expresses his thankfulness for all the support he receives from fans and promoters.

Adkins, Dave 03/22/2014 Steve talks to Dave Adkins just days after his song, 'Pike County Jail', hits number one on the Bluegrass Charts. Written and performed by Dave, his excitement on making it to number one is expressed here in addition to comments regarding his first solo album, 'Nothin' to Lose' his current performances with Edgar Loudermilk, and videos of on the road challenges posted to his blog.

Adkins, Dave 06/01/2013 Dave and Steve talk about the band Dave Adkins and Republik Steele and how they got their name. Dave also talks about the band's new album, "That's Just the Way I Roll," how they choose their songs to record and Dave singing the National Anthem on ESPN.

Alridge, Darin & Brooke 01/31/2015 Darin & Brooke Aldridge called in and discussed their new, most exciting album yet, 'Snapshots'. Listen in as the husband and wife duo chat with Steve about their song selection process, where they found the old camera for the album cover shot and the affect of modern technology/social media on the recording industry.

Alridge, Darin & Brooke 10/24/2015 Listen as Steve catches up with them at this year's IBMA Convention in Raleigh to talk with them about the success of their album, 'Snapshots', the excitement of performing at IBMA, the workshops, and some of their projects in the works.

Alridge, Darin & Brooke 02/05/2017 Listen as Steve talks with Darin and Brooke about their new album, Faster and Farther, the most adventurous album of their career so far. Learn about the tracks on the album and the album they answer the question, Who's jet is that! ??

Amaral, Kitty 10/16/2016 Listen as Kitty (age 13) catches up with Steve at the IBMA conference in Raleigh to discuss her love of Old-time and Bluegrass music, her classical training, the influences growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia and the album she recorded at age 10, 'Fiddle Gems'. A delightful interview with a future mega star musician.

Anderson, Muriel 04/19/2014 Amazing fingerstyle guitar player chats with Steve about her new album, 'Nightlight, Daylight,' a double CD set of thirty songs, the uniquely lighted album package and the artists that contributed to the effort that was a couple of years in the making. With Chet Atkins as a mentor and her love for Doc Watson, Muriel talks about playing the guitar, the guitar harp, her fingerstyle technique and how she channels beauty and emotion through her fingers to the strings producing music ranging from Bluegrass to Folk to Jazz, Classical and Flamenco.

Anger, Darol 08/08/2015 Steve catches Darol after his performance at Grey Fox for a lively discussion about his latest venture forming a group called Mr Sun and their latest album, 'The People Need Light'

Asprelli, Andrea 10/30/2016 Award winning songwriter and fiddler Andrea Asprelli is the driving force behind the project Cricket Tell the Weather. She drops by Steve's booth at the 2016 IBMA Conference in Raleigh to talk about their second album release, Tell the Story Right, the fiery New England bluegrass community that influenced her development, the current members of the band, and the inspirations for some of the original songs on the album


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