Hall, Andy 07/02/2017 Andy Hall, Dobro player and founding member of the IBMA awarad winning band The Infamous Stringdusters, talks about his collaboration with Roosevelt Collier (of Sacred Steel style music) to produce the unique album, Let the Steel Play, born out of their mutual love of slide guitar.

Hall, Tom T. and Miss Dixie 01/18/2014 Songwriters Tom T. Hall and Miss Dixie team up with Steve to talk about their lives, worldwide experiences, collaborations with most of the major figures in Country and Bluegrass music, days of the Grand Ole Opry at the Ryman, being on stage at IBMA 2007, and stories behind some of their famous songs. Listen to this one for a glimpse at the private personalities of this famous couple and enjoy their playful banter. It's guaranteed to make you laugh.

Hayes. Rick 11/17/2012 Rick Hayes, mandolin player and vocalist with 'Nightflyer' band, talks about his start playing on the road with the Gibson Brothers, learning their professional approach to performing and h,ow it influences his current band's approach, the other members and their high energy and drive, their democratic song selection process, and a brief discussion about his mandolin and guitar making efforts.

Hensley. Trey 01/24/2015 Trey Hensley joins Steve to talk about how he came to learn the guitar, the influences of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Flatt & Scruggs, those that influenced his vocal style, meeting Rob Ickes and working with Blue Highway, and what led to his recent collaboration with Ickes on the new album, 'Ickes & Hensley, Before the Sun Goes Down'

Hickory Robot 05/25/2013 Scott Carnder and Lauren Schloemer talk about opening for John Cowan, receiving the John Hartford Memorial Award for their song 'Hartford's Bend', the Hartford Music Festival and their website.

Holden, Louise 02/12/2017 Steve chats with vocalist/songwriter Louise Holden about the band I Draw Slow and their latest 'crowd sourced' album, Turn Your Face to the Sun, to be released in April 2017, some of the songs on the album and how 'crowd sourcing' works to finance the project.

Holt, David 05/25/2013 David talks about Doc Watson, traveling with him on the road, and the 'Legacy' CD, Doc's audio biography; the personal tragedy and the steel guitar that saved him, his 'Let It Slide' album; and his latest musical efforts with Sutton, Holt, and Coleman.

Holt, David 08/28/2016 Four time Grammy Award winner, musician, storyteller, artist, historian, radio and television host David Holt returns to Unreal Bluegrass to talk about his latest album, 'Good Medicine', recorded with Josh Goforth. In 2016 David was inducted into the North Carolina Music Hall of Fame. Listen to find out why Mountain Music and Bluegrass, David Holt style, are just plain good medicine for the listener.

Horowitz, Marc 02/16/2013 Marc discusses his experiences as Bela Fleck's banjo teacher helping him transition from folk to 3 finger style banjo and Bela's incredible range of style. Marc also runs through the history of New York area banjo players including Eric Weissberg and Eric Darling and the beginnings of the New York Banjo Society.

Horowitz, Marc 04/13/2013 In Marc's 3rd interview he talks about jazz whistling, doing disaster relief concerts, fifty plus years of banjo playing, Bela, Eric Weisberg, and Eric Darling, Classical music on the banjo, the Nechville Banjo, tone rings and meeting Steve Martin, the comedien in New York.

Horowitz, Marc 08/24/2013 Marc talks about Bela Fleck's new banjo concerto, 'The Imposter', the live performance of it and the genius of Bela Fleck. Marc also shares the personal tragedy of hearing loss and the treatments to begin soon to arrest the tumor causing it.

Horowitz, Marc 11/09/2013 Marc makes a surprise call to Steve and discusses progress with his medical treatments to shrink a tumor affecting his hearing, various banjo models and their weight, the bias in some of the reviews of Bela Fleck's 'Imposter' concerto, and current projects that Marc is involved with.

Horowitz, Marc 04/04/2015 In what Steve is calling the first installment of his new 'Breaking Banjo News' series, Marc talks about the new 'Festival proof banjo' he created by experimenting with various combinations of components such as bridges, tailpieces, heads, strings, and nut materials in combination with a graphite composite neck and the resulting beautiful stable sound, easy playability, and that it always stays in tune in any climate. The end result is the new OT-MH Marc Horowitz Signature Model Banjo.

Howley, Martin 09/07/2013 Martin Howley of We Banjo 3, an Irish band, talks about touring America, the banjo's African roots, blending it with the Irish fiddle, the influence of Celtic/Scottish tunes on American and Irish bluegrass, and the band's unique approach to music and banjo playing as demonstrated on the latest album 'Roots of the Banjo Tree'.

Howley, Martin 03/19/2016 Steve catches Martin Howley of We Banjo 3 backstage after a live concert in Cincinnati to talk about their latest tour schedule and playing the White House next week for President Obama and Family

Hull, Sierra 03/12/2016 Steve talks with Sierra about her latest release title, Weighted Mind, which was produced by friend Bela Fleck and that has topped the bluegrass charts the first 2 weeks after being released.

Humphrey III, Charles 04/11/2015 Charles Humphrey III, bass player for Steep Canyon Rangers, talks to Steve about his latest project, his 3rd CD from 'Songs from the Road Band' titled 'Traveling Show' (to be released April 21st), his experiences playing with SCR and the members of his new group, Songs from the Road Band.

Hurst, Jim 02/23/2013 Guitarist Jim Hurst talks about YouTube vs live performances, performing for the WWB rundraiser event, music he grew up with, the story behind his Mom's song, 'Through the Garden', his new album 'intrepid', his guitar playing styles, playing duets with Rob Ickes, and being a Grandpa.

Hurst, Jim 10/02/2016 Part 1 of 2. Gifted guitarist and vocalist Jim Hurst has performed with numerous bluegrass and country artists and was voted IBMA Guitarist of the Year in 2001 and 2002. Here he talks with Steve about The Jim Hurst Trio including Jim on guitar and banjo, Nate Lee on fiddle and mandolin, and Erik Alvar on bass and mandolin and their new album titled JHT-1.

Hurst, Jim 10/09/2016 Part 2 of 2. Jim continues his chat with Steve about the new Trio, the unique qualities of the members, their ability to produce great music, and the remaining tracks on the album due to be released in late September 2016.


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