Gallatin, Amy 01/29/2017 Amy dropped by the booth at the IBMA Convention in 2016 to talk about things that influence her musical style and why she is at home singing country, folk, bluegrass and western swing with songs ranging from cowboy tunes to country and bluegrass with a dash of blues thrown in. She also talks about her band members and their latest album, Everything I Wanted Love to Be.

Garrett, Jeremy 08/01/2015 Jeremy Garretti, fiddle player with the Infamous StringDusters, sold his house and took to the road with his wife in an RV. Jeremy talks about his new solo album, self produced, aptly titled 'The RV Sessions'  containing songs exploring a range of themes including hard luck stories, lure of the road and the search for purpose and the meaning of life, all influenced by his time in the RV.

Garrett, Jeremy 02/13/2016 Jeremy Garrett, fiddle player with the Infamous StringDusters, talks with Steve about their latest album, 'Ladies and Gentlemen', which is a collaborative effort between the band and various female artists. Jeremy talks about all the ladies that brought their talents to this album of mostly original material.

Garrett, Jeremy 09/18/2016 Jeremy Garrett, fiddle player with the Infamous StringDusters, talks with Steve about his latest, self produced album, 'The RV Sessions 2', containing tracks inspired by another year of travels, sights and sounds as he explores the United States with his wife in their RV.

Garrett, Jeremy 01/01/2017 Jeremy Garrett, fiddle player with the Infamous StringDusters, talks with Steve about their latest album, 'Laws of Gravity', and their mission to provide the best experience in music for the listener.

Gaudet, Jim 06/25/2017 Jim Gaudet of the Railroad Boys visits Steve at the 2016 IBMA Convention in Raleigh. He and a couple band members discuss their fifth and latest album release,'When It Rains', a collection of fourteen original tracks written and arranged by Jim Gaudet which are actually a collection of Jim's stories and songs winding their way through a number of themes.

Gibson, Eric 04/13/2013 Eric talks about singing harmony with his brother, the Gibson Brothers new album 'They Called It Music', and how some of the songs were selected for the album.

Gibson, Eric 03/07/2015 Eric Gibson of the Gibson Brothers talks with Steve about their latest album, "Brotherhood" which commemorates 15 famous 'brother duets' from the past including 'Bye Bye Love' made famous by the Everly Brothers. An informative interview about singing tight vocal harmonies. They also talk about the family that bluegrass is and the importance of the Grey Fox Festival

Gibson, Eric 05/07/2017 Eric Gibson of the Gibson Brothers talks with Steve about their latest album, "IN THE GROUND" which consists of original songs ranging from lighthearted to profound based on life and experiences being raised on the Gibson family farm, the local community and it's colorful residents.  A rare look into the Gibson family and friends, this is a journey the listener must take.

Gilley, Mickey 04/05/2014 Mickey talks about his career as a recording artist, his honky-tonk piano playing, his albums of country, R&B and Bluegrass music and how it all ended with an accident in 2009...a spinal cord injury that left him paralyzed. He talks about his slow road to partial recovery, performing again, his focus on singing, the importance of doing songs right and the importance of his current version of "Stand By Me."

Gilpin, Ty 04/02/2016 Steve talks to Ty Gilpin, mandolin player for the band Unspoken Tradition, about their very successful record label, Mountain Home Records, its line-up of chart topping artists, about the band's style of music, their latest album, Miles Between, and the talent each member brings to the group.

Gitlin, Ira 05/03/2014 Ira Gitlin is a teacher, writer, and performer of Bluegrass music. He talks with Steve about his involvement with various music camps including work with the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis & Elkins College and their annual Bluegrass Week program, the Grey Fox festival, playing banjo for 41 years, starting at age 14 with his Dad's homemade banjo, and teaching young people to play.

Gleaves, Sam 11/14/2015 Sam Gleaves calls in to talk to Steve about his debut album, 'Ain't We Brothers'. Sam wriites and sings in the Appalachian style but his songs tell the tales of Love, the home place, the working class and current social issues in the mountains. An interesting interview with a  bright young musician.

Goins, Matthew 04/27/2013 Matthew talks about his Blue Chip picks for guitar, mandolin, and banjo, and shares show memories with Steve.

Grainger, Kristen 06/14/2014 Kristen Grainger, known as the voice of Oregon alternative Bluegrass and member of the band True North, has her first interview with Steve. She talks about the band members and their new album, "House Bound," their song selection process intended to make the album a musical statement, not just a random collection of songs, her song writing talents and her current efforts in the Telluride, Co., song writers' contest.

Graves, Tim 11/29/2014 Tim Graves, dobro player with the award winning FarmHands Bluegrass Quartet, talks to Steve about his 9th win as BMA's 'Dobro Player of the Year' (6th consecutive win in the category), the band's 'Album of the Year', 'In a Country Town', and his rich musical career.

Gray, Tom 03/30/2013 Tom talks about being a bassist in the 60s with the Country Gentlemen and with Seldom Scene in the 70s, and his professional career as a map maker (cartographer) for National Geographic.

Grisman, David 12/14/2013 David 'Dawg' Grisman talks with Steve about his 50 years in the music industry as a recording artist and record producer including experiences playing mandolin with Bill Monroe, playing with Ralph Stanley, Bela Fleck, Jerry Garcia and the Greatful Dead and others. He explains his own musical creations known as 'dawg' music and talks about what he is currently doing to share his huge archives of recordings of famous artist jam sessions.


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