Lake, Marteka 11/08/2014 Young Marteka Lake talks to Steve about their 'true grass revival' album, 'The Sounds of a Tradition', featuring her on banjo and her brother, William, on guitar and mandolin, how she relies on William for their vocal blend and his rhythms, how she started playing banjo and the special models of Stelling banjos that Geoff Stelling has created in her honor call the 'Marteka Lake Challenge' and the 'Marteka Lake Deluxe'. A delightful, fun interview.

Langlais, Jesse 08/30/2014 Jesse Langlais, banjo player with the Town Mountain Band, talks to Steve after a long road trip about their crowd pleasing appearance at Grey Fox, their current IBMA nominations, their new 'live' album, and the members of the band.

Lauderdale, Jim 07/26/2014 Jim Lauderdale, singer/songwriter talks with Steve on a golf cart backstage at the Grey Fox Festival about his career, the influences of jazz on bluegrass, the American Roots music movement, some of his current projects and releases and his approach to writing songs for albums. They finish with light hearted conversation about being a movie star along with Dolly and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Laudermilk, Edgar 01/23/2016 Listen as Steve and Edgar talk about his roots and various artists that have influenced his albums and hit records, his new hit single and the new Loudermilk Band featuring Jeff Autry and their future touring a few fish stories!
Lawless, John 04/27/2013 John talks about George Jones and his impact on the music industry, about his 'Bluegrass news website and email letter, Acutab L, learning to play the banjo and playing in bands.

Lawrence, Nolan 07/04/2015 Nolan Lawrence of the HillBenders discusses their latest project, TOMMY, which is a complete version of the famous rock opera now a bluegrass opry. Steve and Nolan talk in depth about how the project came about and this year's performance at Grey Fox

Leadbetter, Phil 03/2/2013 Phil discusses his battle with cancer, remission, now cancer-free status and inspiration for latest musical efforts to form a band of cancer-free musicians and produce an album.

Lewis, Laurie 09/13/2014 Laurie Lewis joins Steve to talk about her recent 3wk adventure hiking in the High Sierra Mountains from the Yosemite trailhead and talk about her latest album 'Laurie and Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern and Ray', about singing again with Kathie Kallick and their great harmonies, and stories about Vern and Ray.

Long, Rebekah 11/06/2016 Rebekah Long, bass player, guitarist, vocalist, recording engineer, video editor and graphic designer, sits down with Steve at the IBMA Convention in Raleigh to talk about her first solo album. Appropriately titled, 'Here I Am', this album is filled with wonderful new original songs and some classics redone featuring Rebekah's distinctive vocals and some of the best musicians in the genre.
Luberecki, Ned 01/19/2013 Ned and Steve talk about baseball and the loss of Earl Weaver of the Orioles, Ned's YouTube instructional videos, doing John Hartford's 'Boogey' song backwards, using jam sessions to build stamina for stage performances, ways of producing varing banjo tones and styles, his extensive collection of various banjos, his current projects and his famous salsa recipe.

Luberecki, Ned 08/24/2013 Ned talks about his latest album with Chris Jones and the Night Drivers, their effort to create a 'truckers bluegrass' genre with Wolf Creek Pass', and he demonstrates his usual zany humor.

Luberecki, Ned  &      Becky Buller 05/14/2016 While traveling in the car with Becky Buller, Ned calls to talk to Steve about his decision to join the very talented Becky Buller and her Band, their current tour, and the award nominations that the band has recently received. Becky joins in on the conversation to make this a double treat.

Luberecki, Ned 03/19/2017 In part 1 of a 2 part interview Steve and Ned, friends from way back, have fun talking about his new album released March 31st titled Take Five featuring traditional Bluegrass interspersed with jazz standards, classic Buck Owens, and even the theme from Star Trek demonstrating he is a master of his first love, the banjo!

Luberecki, Ned 03/26/2017 In part 2 of a 2 part interview Steve and Ned continue discussing his new album released March 31st titled Take Five featuring traditional Bluegrass interspersed with jazz standards, classic Buck Owens, and even the theme from Star Trek. Included is a small sample of Ned's banjo skills on the title track Take Five.
Ludiker, Kimber 07/6/2013 Kimber Ludiker of The Della Mae Band talks about the band, it's members, and their new album, 'This World Oft Can Be', the band's history with the Grey Fox Festival, their performance and workshops this year, and their tour for the State Department where they discovered a young talented banjo player in Ubakistan named Janna Kim.

Luquette, Chris 08/6/2017 Chris Luquette, accomplished guitar player with Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen chats with Steve at the recent Grey Fox Festival in NY just before he conducted a workshop presentation 'Chris Luquette and Friends' on the Creekside stage.  Recorded campside in the rain, Chris shares details of his career and some of his solo projects.

Lynch, Claire 07/5/2014 Claire calls from her car to talk to Steve about her vocal warmup techniques, the importance of protecting your voice, her latest album, the song selection process, her song writing, and her current band. The conversation broadens to the wonders of Grey Fox, the people and performers. She announces her one-day-old marriage and the great happy place she is currently in. Wraps it up with talk of a 'holiday music' album soon to be released. A delightful interview.

Lynch, Claire 12/06/2014 Claire calls Steve from the road to talk about the Claire Lynch Band's new holiday album, 'Holiday', featuring a mixture of traditional Christmas and Winter Holiday music with their own twist of swing and special treatments including 'We Three Kings' in 5/4 time, and the tribute to the band and album engineering given by USA TODAY

Lynch, Claire 9/11/2016 Claire calls Steve from the road to talk about her latest album, 'North by South', the inspiration behind the music, the special All-Canadian songwriter theme and the special guest artists that performed on the it.


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