Bailey, Richard 2/9/2013 Richard talks about the new Steel Drivers album 'Hammer Down', the influence of blues on his playing, playing with Al Green, and playing with the Steel Drivers band.

Bailey, Richard 10/12/2013 Richard Bailey of The Steel Drivers talks to Steve about their previous night performance, their fantastic fan base, the influences of various artists on their special style of 'Blues-Grass' music, his playing style emulating good fiddle tunes on the banjo and Alan Munde's influence and relationship while driving to their next concert venue.

Barnes, Danny 12/26/2015 Part 1 of a 2 part interview. Steve talkes to guitar and banjo player, composer, and recipient of the 2015 Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass, Danny Barnes, about varied influences from country, folk, blues, and jazz that drive his style. They also discuss his latest album, 'Got Myself Together (10years later)'.


Barnes, Danny 1/02/2016 Part 2 of a 2 part interview. Steve continues his chat with guitar and banjo player, composer, and recipient of the 2015 Steve Martin Prize for Excellence in Banjo and Bluegrass, Danny Barnes.  They discuss some of the people who have influenced his style such as the late John Hartford and his website where his latest album, 'Got Myself Together (10 years later)'can be purchased.


Barnes, Danny 3/12/2017 After 45 years playing banjo music and working on projects for other people, Danny has produced his own album of all acoustic banjo music titled Stove Up. Steve chats with Danny about this unique album and Danny's approach to some old standards and the new twist he puts on each track.

Baucom, Terry 03/30/2013 "The Duke of Drive" talks about his album 'In the Groove', his history of playing in bands such as Doyle Lawson & Quick Silver, Boone Creek, and IIIrd Tyme Out.

Benson, Kristin

4 time IBMA Banjo Player of the Year talks about her career, playing with the award winning 'Grascals', their newest album 'When I Get My Pay', and the influence of Sonny Osborne on her life and career.

Benson, Kristin
Scott &
Osborne, Sonny
11/30/2013 Steve engages Kristin Scott Benson of the Grascals and Sonny Osborne of the Osborne Brothers in a very special conversation about their relationship, while Sonny shares insight into his thoughts and memories and opinions.

Benson, Kristin
07/17/2016 Steve chats with Kristin Scott Benson, four time IBMA Banjo Player of the Year about her new album, 'Stringworks' to be released July 22, 2016.

Benson, Kristin
09/17/2017 Steve chats with Kristin Scott Benson, four time IBMA Banjo Player, and member of The Grascals about their latest career high point album, 'Before Breakfast', which offers a hot shot of diversity and freshly brewed Bluegrass perfection, the inspirations behind the 12 tracks where the band chases demons, finds salvation and dances their way thru making this essential listening for lovers of the Bluegrass art form.

Berline, Byron 11/15/2014 Part 1 - Renowned fiddle player, Byron Berline, talks to Steve about his musical family roots, playing fiddle at age 16, fiddle contests in Texas, first meeting the Dillards then recording with them, meeting and playing with Bill Monroe, being drafted and playing in the military, working on 12 ABC Movie of the Week sound tracks, recording on A&M Records, playing with the Flying Burrito Brothers, the origin of the famed Country Gazette Band and touring Holland.

Berline, Byron 11/15/2014 Part 2 - The story continues with a return home from Holland, forming the group Sundance, which included a young Vince Gill, their recording contract with RCA Records, forming the band California and others, some of his latest albums including 'Swingin' with Byron' and 'Jammin' with Byron'. Bryon tells Steve about his return to Oklahoma, his Double Stop Music store and his Concert Hall in Guthrie, OK. where he hosts bluegrass festivals each year.

Berline, Byron 11/15/2014 Star Trek 1987 - Byron tells the story of being in a first season episode of Star Trek the Next Generation titled "the Ensigns of Command" where he played in a string quartet aboard the famous starship 'Enterprise'.

Bonsall, Joe 04/05/2014 Joe "Banjoey" Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys talks with Steve about their vast recording history, their first live album out the month, "A Night Out with the Boys: Live!", the band playing updated versions of their standard hits including "Elvira", their current concert tour, the importance of live music and the inspirations that drive song writing.

Bourgeois, Dana 04/26/2014 Dana talks with Steve about how he got started building guitars, learning from repairing guitars, the evolution of the Bourgeois guitar line, influences of Tony Rice and Ryan Sutton on his guitar building, the 'banjo killer' guitar model, the effects of woods and finishes on the sound, and his current attempt to recreate the aged guitar sound in a newly manufactured guitar.

Bradley, Dale Ann 08/20/2017 Dale Ann Bradley, five-time IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year, calls Steve to talk about her incredible career, her roots, the things that influence her music and her recent nomination as IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year again in 2017

Branscomb, Louisa 11/05/2017 One of the most awarded songwriters in bluegrass, also known as the Songwriters Songwriter, Louisa Branscomb joins Steve at the IBMA Convention in Raleigh to chat about her return to recording after a 6 year sabbatical, her latest single release, Barefoot Girl, a new album in the works for early 2018, and her efforts promoting songwriting.

Bright, Fletcher
Evans, Bill
06/29/2013 Bill Evans talks about his recent Homespun project, his instructional DVDs and tab books, his "Banjo for Dummies" books, his love for diversity in accoustic music, and NashCamp banjo camps. Joined by Fletcher Bright of the Dismembered Tennesseans, their album with Bill called 'Live at Fletcher's House.'

Brinkman, Mark "Brink" 11/16/2013 Avid bluegrass picker and prolific songwriter, "Brink" as he is known in the industry, talks about his song writing process, the way to create successful songs regardless of the topic, and the various instruments he uses during the process.

Brock, Paul 09/28/2013 Paul Brock talks about the Brock McGuire Band, voted by American Music Society as the "Best Irish Instrumental Band" of the decade. He also talks about how the band was formed, it's members and their 'Green Grass Bluegrass' album, the passion that Irish music stirs and that 'longing for home' feeling it produces in audiences everywhere.

Brown, Alison 06/01/2013 Alison talks about what influences have created her style of playing including jazz, blues, and Latin music, and her current performing schedule.

Brown, Clare 08/13/2017 Delightful 10 year old Clare Brown chats with Steve campside at Grey Fox 2017 about playing the fiddle since 3 and her thrill at being invited by Molly Tuttle to play on stage at Grey Fox

Budge, Nadine


Nadine Budge of the Stetson Family Band talks about the Irish/Scotch immigration to Australia and the influence of their folk and ole tyme music on modern day Australian Bluegrass, the impact of Flatt & Scruggs, the American show The Beverly Hillbillies, and the movie O' Brother Where Art Thou on young people in Australia. She also talks about the current popularity of Bluebrass in Australia and discusses their latest album 'O Winding River' and their IBMA Honors.

Buller, Becky 11/01/2014 Becky Buller, multi-talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, talks to Steve about her new album 'Tween Earth and Sky' featuring a number of extremely famous and talented artists, the influences behind some of the songs, a number of varied projects she is currently involved in, and the general excitement over her current successes. A delightul, fun interview.

Buller, Becky 08/14/2016 Becky Buller, multi-talented singer/songwriter/instrumentalist, talks to Steve about the Becky Buller Band, the talents of its members, their touring schedule and website, and her recent success winning IBMA awards in 2015 and her excitement and gratitude for being nominated for 3 more in 2016.

Buller, Becky 06/11/2017 Join Steve as he chats with Becky during a break in the Spring IBMA Board of Directors meeting in Nashville for a high energy interview covering the Madelia recovery efforts, the current members of the Becky Buller Band, experience of working on the IBMA Board, progress on her fourth album, her first music video, and the ROMP Music Festival

Buller, Becky 02/11/2018 Join Steve as he chats with Becky about her fifth solo album on Dark Shadow Recording label titled Crepe Paper Heart the inspirations behind the tracks on the album and all of the special guest artists that joined her on the album. The usual high energy Becky fun!

Bush, Sam


Sam Bush, the father of 'New Grass', calls from Nashville to talk with Steve about his career from age 17 to today, playing in bluegrass, country and rock 'n' roll bands, playing the fiddle, mandolin, guitar, and bass, and his early love for all kinds of music. Returning to his first love--the mandolin--he recounts watching famous players on TV, learning their hand techniques and styles, absorbing the influences of the Osbornes, the Dillards and the evolution of his New Grass/Old style revived sounds. This one is loaded with personal stories of the past and present.


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