O'Brien, Tim 09/28/2013 Tim talks about his latest colaboration with Darrel Scott, 'Memories and Moments', the incredible blend of vocals and instruments that he and Darrel can produce, and the power of the music from his old band, Hot Rise.

O'Brien, Tim 03/05/2016 Steve talks to Tim about his latest album, 'Pompadour', featuring songs of the past from James Brown and other artists, his busy schedule, the return of Hot Rize, his SOS(single track releases) and other current projects

O'Brien, Tim 07/23/2017 Steve talks to Tim about his 16th solo release, Where the River Meets the Road, about his grandfather and his sister and other sources of inspiration for the songs plus the artists that supported this latest superb effort.

Osborne, Bobby 09/14/2013 Bobby Osborne, the legendary vocalist and instrumentalist of the famous Osborne Brothers, talks about his 50+ years of performing on stage, his 50th Anniversary of Grand Ole Opry coming in August, the story behind his famous version of 'Ruby', more stories of touring and his personal life, his current band Rocky Top Express and their latest album "New Bluegrass and Old Heartaches." Here is an extraordinary look into the life of Bobby Osborne.

Osborne, Sonny
04/16/2016 In part 1 of a 2 part interview with Steve, recorded shortly after the death of Merle Haggard, Sonny talks about Merle traveling with him for 4 years as his opening act, and sheds light on Merle the man, vocalist, performer and friend.

Osborne, Sonny
04/23/2016 In part 2 of a 2 part interview with Steve, recorded shortly after the death of Merle Haggard, Sonny talks about Merle and his illness that contributed to his death plus Sonny shares his personal idea regarding life and death in his inimitable way.

Osborne, Sonny
08/08/2015 Following Steve's interview with Rhonda Vincent and their discussion about Sonny, he makes an unscheduled call to add his take on Aubrey Holt and other things on his mind.
Osborne, Sonny
w/Bill Evans
04/25/2015 Bill Evans and Steve patch Sonny Osborne in for a discussion, share funny stories, taking jibes and having genuine fun. It is also revealed during this interview that Bill has taken on the task of completing Sonny's partially complete biography. Want to know where the title to Steve's program came from? It is revealed here.

Osborne, Sonny
06/14/2014 Sonny wants to set the record straight about the Osborne Brothers' famous recording, "Rocky Top." He talks about who wrote it, the conflict it created, releasing it as a 'B' side song on the recording, how it was an incredible success rising on the charts being played on radio stations all over the country and becoming the 'A' side of the recording. An incredible look behind the scenes from the man who was there.

Osborne, Sonny
06/07/2014 "Saturday's with Sonny" returns as Sonny and Steve chat about the newly released "Nashville" album, a collection of Osborne recordings from the mid 70's lost during a label buyout and dispute. A rare glimpse behind the scenes, Sonny tells the story about the 7 tracks they took with them that are now being released for the first time this month. Then Sonny starts remembering stories from their many years of touring. As usual, Sonny displays his great ability to recall events and tell great stories.

Osborne, Sonny
Benson, Kristin Scott
11/30/2013 Steve engages Kristin Scott Benson of the Grascals and Sonny Osborne of the Osborne Brothers in a very special conversation about their relationship, while Sonny shares insight into his thoughts and memories and opinions.

Osborne, Sonny 06/15/2013 Sonny talks about his new 'Rocky Top Banjo' model and its exciting popularity among leading banjo artists, about his Father's funeral and the notables that attended, and playing banjo in Bill Monroe's band in Nashville and on the road as a 14yr boy.

Osborne, Sonny 05/11/2013 Sonny joins Steve and Bill Emerson to reminisce about life on the road, rib each other, and tell great stories from the past. Unreal fun and laughter. Includes a discussion about the Rocky Top Banjo and banjo setups.

Osborne, Sonny
Stevenson, Larry
03/23/2013 Larry talks about the influence of the Osborns on music, the Larry Stevenson Band, banjo player Kenny Ingram, hooking up with Sam Bush on 'Philadelphia Lawyer', and is joined by Sonny Osborn to talk about blowing engines on tour buses and other funny stories.

Osborne, Sonny 03/02/2013 Discussions about Prius, setting up banjos, fixing buzzes and the merits of Frank Neat, and comments regarding Leadbetter and King.

Osborne, Sonny 02/16/2013 Sonny talks about a tribute show to Earl Scruggs that Joe Mullins organized back in the early 2000s, Earl's nervousness but solid playing on stage and Sonny's recent broken ribs.

Osborne, Sonny 01/26/2013 Sonny talks about dobros, famed dobro player Gene Wooten, how he came to play with the Osborne Brothers, his contributions to the band instrumentally and vocally and he descirbes Gene's final moments as he and Jerry Douglas kept vigil at his bedside.Steve fights internet drops and interruptions.

Osborne, Sonny 01/05/2013 Sonny talks about falling and breaking his ribs while delivering a banjo to Bill Evans in December and his slow recovery.

Osborne, Sonny 12/08/2012 Sonny talks about his days playing session music, jazz, and its challenges and reveals he played on a couple of recordings with the Monkees!

Osborne, Sonny 12/01/2012 Sonny talks about UK basketball with Steve, then 'Banjo Camp', how and when it was created, its success over the years, the great artists that have been involved, and the origin of special 'D' Tuners for the banjo.

Osborne, Sonny
with Bill Evans
11/24/2012 Sonny Osborne joins Steve and Bill Evans to joke about Thanksgiving, weird automobiles and the issues they had with those they owned in the past. Bill moves Sonny to talk about the influence of the Beatles, Eric Clapton and others on his style of playing and the importance of outside influences on anyone's style. As Bill asks about past experiences they start talking about old TV commercials and zaniness breaks out.

Osborne, Sonny 11/17/2012 Sonny and Steve talk about UK Basketball then Steve asks Sonny to talk about his thoughts on the role the guitar should play in bluegrass music.Sonny shares his thoughts and stories about some of the legendary guitar players including stories of playing for 5yrs with the great rhythm player, Jimmy Martin, in the 1950s and the reasons they went their separate ways.

Osborne, Sonny 11/10/2012 Steve asks Sonny to talk about fiddle player Benny Martin and his 'mafia' phobia as well as other fiddle players such as John Hartford, Tommy Jackson, and Kenny Baker. Then Sonny talks about recording studios of the past, choosing a proper studio band, recording the Osborne Brothers albums, and the frustrating remix efforts involved with salvaging the 'Live in Germany' recordings.

Osborne, Sonny 11/03/2012 Sonny and Steve talk about forward/backward rolls on the banjo, Don Reno and his style of playing and Sonny shares stories of on the road touring with Don Reno, the drunken stranger and the haircut, UFOs, and the Rocky Top Banjo tone ring.

Osborne, Sonny 10/13/2012 Sonny and Steve have their Saturday chat. This time they talk about Sonny's annual Banjo Camp sessions, part of Cindy Sinclair's Nash Camp series, playing his unique version of 'America the Beautiful', the importance of learning right hand technique on the banjo by listening to Earl Scruggs' 'Foggy Mountain Banjo' album, and the demon KRAKO, that lives in banjos. Funny chat.

Osborne, Sonny 10/06/2012 Sonny Osborne talks to Steve about some of the great songwriters who wrote songs for The Osborne Brothers, Loretta Lynn, the Everly Brothers, and others, how the Osborne Brothers selected songs to record and perform, the origin of 'Rocky Top' and it's incredible cross-genre success worldwide. Then the conversation switches to University of Kentucky Wildcats and sports.

Osborne, Sonny 09/22/2012 'Saturdays with Sonny' continues as he and Steve talk about photographer Kerri Antes, touring before buses, trying to fit the bass into a car, the limos that some artists used, playing at the Opry then dashing to the next gig without food and sleep, then the advent of old touring buses, blowouts, and mechanical failures on the road. He wraps up with comments about playing the banjo, banjo styles and his banjo camps.

Osborne, Sonny 09/15/2012 Sonny joins Steve for that usual Saturday chat to retell the story of being hit by a car while riding his bicycle. He also shares in detail his experience regarding the use of mics and monitors, and how the sound technician can make or break a band's performance plus notable stories from his many years of touring and  performing.

Osborne, Sonny 09/08/2012 "Saturday's with Sonny" continues as Sonny talks about the early days of the Grand Ole Opry, the waiting list to become a member and prestige it brought to those who belonged, how the Osborne Brothers became members and their switch to Decca Record label. Sonny then tells stories about the late Joh Hartford. 

Osborne, Sonny 09/01/2012 "Saturday's with Sonny" continues as Sonny talks about the Little League Baseball World Series finals and answers questions posed by Steve from fans about the special jackets the Osborne Brothers wore on stage, the importance of dressing better while performing and the decline in dress code today, how artists protect their instruments, about when he first started playing banjo professionally at 13, how he found the right banjo for the sound he wanted, stories about Earl Scruggs and Jens Kruger and a wrap on his opinion of today's groups and the music they are producing

Osborne, Sonny 08/25/2012 Sonny calls Steve to talk about Little League Baseball. Steve has him tell the stories of why he created the 6 string banjo that he played for 6 yrs, how he learned to play the 5 string in his head before touching his first banjo and the difficulties maintaining the old skin head banjos vs the modern plastic heads.

Osborne, Sonny 08/18/2012 Sonny's first interview with Steve. Cell audio quality is marginal, but Sonny talks about being on the road with his Prius delivering hew custom-made 'Chief' banjos, about the injury in 2003 to his rotator cuff that hampered his playing ability forcing him to leave the Osborne Brothers band and how he now enjoys retired life. He talks about adding drims and electric pickups to their instruments and other stage gimmicks that made the band famous. He ends talking about always wanting to learn to play the piano and the satisfying aspects of his career.


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